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Integrated snow monitoring with uncertainty analysis (ISTAS)

The existing snow
remote sensing data sets developed within different operational and research projects rely mostly on one type input data source (one sensor); high or medium resolution optical data, SAR or microwave data and on the other hand purely in-situ data. Each of these types of sensors have different advantages and disadvantages resulting in different inconsistencies in final products referred by users typically as gaps that limit the remote sensing snow records in operational applications.
The recent advances in design of new space instruments as Sentinels focus rather on frequent monitoring than single mapping. Such instruments contribute highly in the temporal coverage, while spatial consistent coverage can be only achieved by combination of several sensors.
These sensors offer the possibility of synergic use of their measurements.

The main objective of the integrated snow monitoring within uncertainty analysis (ISTAS) project was to develop prototype system that integrates snow products from varying sensors and in-situ measurements into cloud-free, consistent spatial and temporal coverage snow product that suite best the user requirements.

For more information:
ISTAS, Principal Investigator: Lukas Brodsky, +420 270 003 734,
lukas.brodsky at
ISTAS, Technical Manager: Katerina Tuckova, +420 270 003 739, katerina.tuckova at
ISTAS, ESA Technical Officer: Dr. Simon Pinnock, firstname.lastname at

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